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25 years in Haiti

MAF Haiti celebrated 25 years in February--we're praising God for His provision for this ministry that touches the lives of so many here. We're also looking forward to the future and what He has in store. If you'd like to see our Haiti Outlook, you can find it here.


New Caravan coming soon...

Through many generous supporters, MAF Haiti will soon have its very own Cessna Grand Caravan, a nine-passenger airplane with a much larger capacity than our five-passenger planes. Right now, we're leasing a Caravan from Samaritan's Purse, but it will be good to have one to call "ours." Praise God with us for his provision.


MAF Haiti: now on Twitter!

We are now on Twitter as "MAFHaiti." Feel free to follow us to get updates and see pictures of our day-to-day activities, as well as receive notice when we've got room for last-minute flights. It's a fun way to stay connected with our ministry--try it out!


We're Expecting!

Two of our new families, the Rogers and the Schandorffs, are raising support right now. We're excited to welcome them down here soon, but so far, it's been slow going. Would you pray for these families as they seek God's provision for their ministry? 


LGN Regular Flights Canceled

The regular flights to LGN have been canceled, but it is still possible to charter a flight there. For more information, you can contact us through the comments page. If you would like to request a flight, click here.


Dedicating the Cessna Grand Caravan 208

Dedicating the C208 Yesterday (October 12, 2010), the MAF-Haiti staff along with other airport employees (including policemen, the fuel truck driver, Tortug'Air employees, etc.) got together, to pray for MAF and dedicate the Cessna 208 to God. It was amazing to see how many people's lives had been affected by MAF-Haiti's work.
They also prayed that the Cessna 208 would soon be registered under Haiti, so that it could quickly be used for God's glory, carrying cargo and passengers to many areas within Haiti.

Reopening Gonaive

Gonaive Recently MAF reopened Gonaives (GON) airstrip, after being inactive for two years. Gonaives is located in the Northwestern area of Haiti. Two years ago Gonaives flooded by three major hurricanes: Hanna, Ike and Gustav, completely covering the airstrip. MAF was able to send someone by car to check the airstrip, before sending an aircraft out to inspect it. Gonaive windsock Once we were on the ground, we were able to give them the new wind sock, and measure out the airstrip. C206 and GON Airstrip Towards the end of the airstrip, it is still very soft, but will soon be useable as well. More information can be found on Jason Kruls blog.

C208 Grand Caravan

Through a partnership with Samaritan Purse, MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) has added a Cessna Grand Caravan airplane to its fleet in Haiti, providing suffering people with greater access to food, medical assistance and other essential services to help rebuild the "earthquake-rocked nation". MAF installed an aircraft payload extender on the plane, allowing it to take off and land with more weight on short airstrips. Click here for more information.

Ministry Update

MW Each year, MAF saves time and money for numerous organizations. Whether we are providing life-saving medical evacuations or simply flying a regularly scheduled flight, our staff are known for their courteous, professional manner combined with a servants heart. Last fiscal year (not including stats during recent quake relief flights) our organization served 30 different organizations within Haiti, safely transporting their staff and cargo. These flights totaled nearly 1500 flight hours. After the severe flooding in 2008, our planes hauled over 11 tons of relief supplies. Much was learned from this and other disaster responses from our MAF staff around the world. Applying such experience proved its worth after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on January 12th. Establishing an airbridge through our partnership with Missionary Flights International, MAF helped bring in vital aid supplies and personnel. As of March 21st, this airbridge operation had provided 200 round-trip flights for 3500 passengers, carrying 1.5 million pounds of cargo. Within Haiti, our planes flew nearly 500 flight hours, made 1037 landings, carried 1801 passengers, & transported 315,498 pounds of cargo. Through our connection with the World Food Program (WFP), 144,063 families were given food. What a blessing! And our ministry continues. How can we partner with you and your organization to make a difference?

    Our flying from 2008-2009 can be broken down into several categories:
  • 46% missions
  • 27% community service
  • 20% development
  • 7% other