If you are in the U.S., or Canada* you can pay for your flights with a credit or debit card with the form below.

A 2.6% transaction fee will be charged to any credit card or online payment.  Please add this fee to the amount on your invoice to come up with the total you need to pay on the website.

If you are paying for a reservation on the regular flight to Jeremie or Dame Marie you can make that payment on the website without paying the transaction fee.  This is only true for those paying from the U.S. or Canada.

Please note that if you are in Haiti or some other countries you will be forced to use a Paypal account.

*If you are making this payment with a currency other than U.S. or Canadian  dollars there will be an additional 1% exchange rate fee for the transaction.  If you do not wish to pay fees please contact us and we will be happy to work out a different form of payment.  Thank you.

payment for flights
This is an address that will be used for questions about this payment
This is the number on your invoice that begins with \"BHT\"
Transaction fee applies to online and credit card payments.